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Rollenhandling reel handling ICE europe 2019

New product execution: RHK070_150_2000

Reel Lifter Combined for different core inside diameter (70 + 76,2 + 150 + 152,4 mm) up to a payload of 2.000 kg. 

Reel Lifter Combined RHK070_150_2000


New product execution: GW_ALA

Self-Reel-Feeder with automatic load adjustment. Through the aluminium linear profile the suspension trolley moves in the centre of load. Loaded and unloaded in horizontal as well as in vertical position the unit is always straight and balanced. 

tl_files/neuigkeiten/3015020000 DOKU 20.JPGtl_files/neuigkeiten/3015020000 DOKU 21.JPG

tl_files/neuigkeiten/BC3015020000 Doku 22.JPGtl_files/neuigkeiten/BC3015020000 Doku 23.JPG


See a video sample and click on  Videosample


New product combination: GW_Mechlift

Mechanical reel turner GW and electric Mechlift
Electric Mechlift is an ergonomically designed moment absorbing lifter that has a stepless frequency steered lifting speed that is controlled by joystick. Mechlift is available in different standard sizes for loads from 75 kg to 400 kg and has a maximum stroke of 2000 mm.

Mechanical GW Self-Reel-Feeder is a reel turner for quick reel manipulation from vertical to horizontal axis position and reverse. Due to turning in load centre of gravity reels can be turned by hand easily . Max reel data with Mechlift combination are: Gmax 400 kg, Dmax 1.500 mm Bmax 650 mm. Video sample

tl_files/neuigkeiten/GW_Mechlift_Underhall2014_01.JPG  tl_files/neuigkeiten/GW_Mechlift_Underhall2014_02.JPG  tl_files/neuigkeiten/GW_Mechlift_Underhall2014_03.JPG


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